"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge its rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant treasures." Proverbs 24:3

"Make His Praise Glorious"

New Music: "Make His Praise Glorious" Psalm 66

Last Thanksgiving I was running on the beach (this seems to be an inspiring activity for me.  See: "Gone With the Tide.") and thinking about how skillfully nature praises God.  The waves, the birds, the rain, even the hills praise Him so majestically.  I listened to the waves as I ran.  They crashed thunderously at perfect intervals then faded off into delicate swooshing sighs that swept over the sand.

Nature is flawless in its worship to the creator and I long for my praise to be even half as glorious.

After the warm shower and cup of coffee that usually follows a run in the sand, I sat down and read Psalm 66.  (If you desire for your praise to be revived and refreshed, please read this chapter!)  The first verse says "Shout." The second verse says "Sing."  The third verse says, "Say."  We can praise God in so many ways, but it is clear that He wants us to use our voices.

Yesterday my boys were away at grandma and grandpa's house, so I used some of my alone time to record this song.  Usually, I have Mr. Incredible  play the keyboard for me, but he was hard at work so this is me on the keys, the flute, and vocals.  My hope is that this song inspires you to view praise as something that we strive to improve on.  It is not just something we do when we feel like it or when it's singing time at church.  Like the continual crashing of the waves, praise is often a continual sacrifice that we should endeavor to make worthy of it's object, God.

So whether you are shouting, singing, or just talking, use your voice to make His praise glorious today!  

Here are the words:

He turned the sea into dry land.
They passed through the river by His hand.
Come and see the awesome works of God.
He judges all with equity. 
He gives to us abundantly.
Oh, bless our Lord and sound His praise abroad.

Make His praise glorious.  Strive to adorn His songs with wonder.
Make His praise glorious.  Skillfully shout with joyous thunder.
Ascribe to His name glory.  Say to our God, "You are holy."
Awesome in power, Your enemies tremble in fear before You.

He rules by might eternally, mindful of humanity.
Sing to God the praises due His name.
He keeps our feet.  He gives us life.
He became our sacrifice.
Lift your voice and celebrate His reign.
© 2010, by Tennille

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