"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge its rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant treasures." Proverbs 24:3

Yesterday Was A Good Day.

The Free One sawing his brother in half.  Just one of the "normal" things we do around here.
Yesterday was a good one.  Every bit of school was completed, the black-and-white checker board pantry floor got scrubbed, The Free One practiced sawing The Anchor in half, and The Anchor caught a pet ant and fed it raisins and Swedish Fish.  In the afternoon I fell asleep on a fleece Santa Claus blanket reading -something I haven't done in a long time.  My husband, who had left for work not too long after I had gone to bed the night before, was back home and sound asleep in our bed.  

The house was silent except for the occasional scraping and shuffling of tiny, primary-colored plastic building blocks being sifted through in their bin in hopes of finding a lost head or arm. 

It was 4:30 when I woke up, too late for a snack, too early for dinner, but I was hungry anyway so I put down the Kindle that lay upside down and sideways on my chest and headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner.  Within minutes, four filets of tilapia were seasoned and ready to cook.  The sizzling sound of frying fish turned our quiet afternoon into a night full of life.  Half built Lego creations were left strewn about the carpet when little feet came scampering into the kitchen to see what was cooking.   Little hands happily began moving dishes, cups, and napkins to the table.  

Soon after, my sleepy husband woke from his nap, hungry like a bear coming out of hibernation.  The light switches got flipped on as the sun ducked below the trees.  Day set and night dawned in our house bringing with it a flurry of nighttime activities which included:  failing at table manners, after dinner chores, wrapping eggs in foam and plaster for the next day's Science experiment, and an episode of "Cake Boss" during our family fold out session.  

A day in which we get to do all our "normal" things is, in my opinion, a good one!  What kinds of normal things does your family do in a day?

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